50z - lame bluffcatching spot OOP 3b pot

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50z - lame bluffcatching spot OOP 3b pot


Villain here is some kind of reg, seen him make some crappy plays from time to time like open limping. Nothing too specific though but he isn't spewy or anything like that afaik.

I think I just call TT here always pre flop, never feels like a great hand for an oop pot but the alternatives are worse EV I guess.

c/c flop seems mandatory with the plan to give up on bad run outs. I thought on this run out we could be good, he would typically bet AA/KK/AQ/KQ, maybe he checks QQ or JJ as some kind of trap. Nothing really makes sense though but that also freaks me out because I'm not sure if bog standard regs will suddenly whip out an overbet bluff here in a spot where population won't bet/x/bet very much.

Normally I'd just fold, is it a reasonable look up or overly ambitious vs these kind of opponents? Any thoughts on his play?

Thanks a lot 🙋🏽‍♂️

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