50z - Overpair in 4b pot bluffcatching spot

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50z - Overpair in 4b pot bluffcatching spot

Alright so villain here is a regular. My thought process is basically - He can check back TT and 99 here sometimes, probably doesn't 3b 66. T on turn massively reduces chances of him having Tx or TT obv. Not sure if he'd bet 88 here for some kind of value/protection, it's possible and I'm really not sure on that. Again 77 doesn't 3b pre much and won't bet turn always either.

Maybe he can have a hand like JTs or ATs but that would bet flop some of the time and won't be 3b pre all that high of a freq and again maybe ATs folds pre. So it's just JTs? T9s could play that way but would probably bet flop a very high % of the time also.

So I was trying to figure out what hands he could bluff with here and it's not a spot people will just suddenly wake up and start bombing with a hand like QKs or something.

That said aren't we pretty close to the top of our own range given we won't have TT or 99 here much at all maybe never?

I didn't bet flop because I felt it was better for his flatting range than my 4b range, is this acceptable or should I just bet? Feels like a board we want to slow down on. On the turn I think a bet or check is fine but think a lot of my range would be checking here so it's also fine to check this hand.

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