50z - TPGK facing c/r from SB

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50z - TPGK facing c/r from SB


So villain here is unknown to me. Think his location is Lithuania which leans me more to him being some kind of reg (lol nationality reads). I feel like he should probably raise a set 3 way on the flop but that isn't necessarily always how people will play it in practice. That said he is still repping a very narrow range of hands that beat us. Like only 44/55/TT and KT really unless he somehow called K5/4s pre.

His raise size is pretty large but I don't see him getting to the turn with any of the hands that could now semi bluff except for maybe JTss but that would probably just call. Find it hard to give him any semi bluffs realistically.

Just as a default vs a random are we always toast here vs a raise in this spot? I'm assuming it's even less likely they're overplaying a worse Kx as well.

Thanks a lot guys.

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