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5/10 HU anonymous, how often to call down?

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5/10 HU anonymous, how often to call down?

No HH from this anonymous table, so this might look messy!

I had sat and played villain for a while on one table and he was 3betting me around 40%. His 3bet sizing and the lack of 5-10 tables running made me pretty confident this was the same villain on the new table that he was sitting, waiting for action. FWIW, this is a small site, and he was sitting 6max tables alone.

Previously, he had 3bet and cbet flop and turn on Kc7c4 3o turn, and folded to my shove on the turn with half a stack behind. Also, in single raised pots IP, he was very transparent on the turn, checking back marginal/no show down hands.

This hand, was my first hand OTB, both stacks at $1K:

Hero (SB) dealt KhTc
Hero raises to $30
Villain 3bets to $90
Hero calls$60

Flop(Pot 180): QhTh2s
Villain bets $90, Hero calls

Turn (Pot 360): 7c
Villain bets $180, hero calls

River (Pot 720):6s
Villain Jams

Given villain tendencies, how often are you calling here? Do you fold on turn?

I am not great and doing quantitative analysis, but I would guess that villain's range here is quite wide and that he can be continuing aggression OOP being that it is easy for him to have AQ, KQ, and overpairs here. I just have a hard time putting exact numbers on it.

Also, the fact that he does not know that I am the same person from the previous table might make his shoving range on the river tighter. Thoughts?

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