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5/10 Live. 2k deep

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5/10 Live. 2k deep

Its a 5/10 Live. 2k deep.
Superfish Limps UTG, Utg+1 weaker player limps as well, TAG from mp1 izolates to 55. I am with QQ on the bu, decided just call? cause he is pretty tight and has a strong range there and I dont want to give the weaker players a chance to fold. So I call. Sb call, both limpers called as well. Its 5-way around 285 pot.
Flop: Q57s. All checked to me. I bet 110. Small blind calls, SupFish calls as well. Small blind is kinda loose reg.
Turn is a 4o. Both ckecked to me. I bet 420. Reg looked on a fish and called. Fish folded.
River is a 6o. He tanked for 1 min and shoved 1400(my allin) into a 1455 pot. Hero-?
The thoughts about each street are welcome!

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