5/10 Live Game Decision

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5/10 Live Game Decision

5/10 Live Game. Mostly Fish/Nits/Avg Regs at table.

My image: young solid player. Regs probably assume I bluff way less than what is accurate.

Villain (BB): No reads at all. Assumption was he was an average reg because he was ~30 years old playing 5/10 and mostly likely live professional but only based on appearance/comfort at table.

~$1500 Effective.

Fish with wide limping range opens UTG for $40. I have 44 in CO. Not really supposed to have flatting range in any position but BU but with fish behind and very non active squeezers behind, 44 has to be profitable flat. Villain flats in BB.

Flop T42r (~$120)

I bet 2/3 when x'd to and BB calls and UTG calls. BB range prob mostly Tx and straight draws. I don't even know if he would peel 4x/99-55 multiway but probably. UTG range prob super weak b/c no range awareness so all overpairs+ prob out of range except maybe TT and most Tx probably not in range either as these players typically cbet them ~100%.

Turn 6 rainbow (~$280)

I bet $300. BB x/r to 800 and UTG folds. Hero?

No flush draw available means this player probably has 0 bluffs. Can't imagine he's x/raising any 54/43/65/33/55/A5/A3 or really any spaz bluffs. 22 could be in range but he may perceive my range as having 0 bluffs as well on the turn (I am definitely under bluffing this spot) so may not even x/r 22 on turn + may x/r all 22 on flop. 53s should be in his range but honestly don't have a good grasp on avg live regs defend ranges.

I gii b/c I have the 4th nuts and its a fuckin cash game but felt like I was always getting my money in bad and thought I needed some stone cold reads to fold but would like some input. I guess this is more of a population tendency question of if a live avg TAG reg will ever show up with bluffs/worse value enough.


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