$5/$10 Live: Lost without a map in Light 4-bet Land (LaLaLand)

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$5/$10 Live: Lost without a map in Light 4-bet Land (LaLaLand)

$1600 eff. Folds to me in SB and I open to $40 with AhJd. Decent TAG grinder 3-bets to $110, I 4-bet to $220 (bad?). V tanks, asks how much I have and reluctantly calls. I estimate his range to be TT+, AQ+. Expected him to fold or 5b but... he just called which really took me by surprise and I had no plan for that. V and I played with each other forever. We both play a similar TAG style, we're both fairly tight, we both respect each other bets/raises and we rarely get into a pot HU. So you'd think we'd have a lot of history but we don't. I can say I've never min 4bet him before so this was something new for him too.

Flop: Qd9h4c Pot $440

...Now what? What is our plan?

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