5/10 Live NLHE Bellagio

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5/10 Live NLHE Bellagio

9 Handed 5/10 Live NLHE Bellagio
BT (Villain: A very good LAG - $1500) opens to 30
SB (Straight forward TAG - $1000) calls
BB (Hero - $1000) 3-bet to $100 with Ac8c.

BT calls, SB folds.

Flop: Qc8h3c. Hero c-bets 140. BT calls.

Turn: 3d. Hero checks. BT bets 170. Hero c-raises 460. BT shoves. Hero calls.

River: 6h. BT wins with QdTd.

My thoughts:

Pre Flop: Flatting OOP against a good player is not profitable as we're going to miss the flop so many times. Yet our hand is good enough to beat his opening range on the BT. Hence, the 3-bet.

Flop: I hit the flop hard and decided to play like a flopped set or an over pair. I am not a huge proponent of c-raising the flop with value hands so I decided to c-bet.

Turn: I thought a c/r in this spot would look super strong. I was confident that the BT would bet his entire range in this spot if checked to him. He would bet any of his value hands, flush/straight draws and random floats.
After he shoves, we have to call.

Me and a friend of mine who was also at the table had a heated discussion about this hand and he criticized my line. So here I am, trying to get a professional opinion.


1. From the BT's perspective, based on my line. what does my range consist of? Obviously worse than QT, since he shoved on the turn. Even my friend said that my line wasn't consistent with my value range, which I don't agree with. I would c/r the turn with AA,KK,QQ,88 and AQ about half the time.
2. Is triple barreling a better line in this spot?
3. Which line looks the strongest and gets us the most fold equity?

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