$5/$10 NL Live: 99 + Flopped OESD

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$5/$10 NL Live: 99 + Flopped OESD

$1000 eff. My image young TAG, have played pretty snug, haven't been
involved much, been kind of treading water. V is a tight grinder, plays
good hands. Able to value bet thinnish. For example, he value bet AQ OTR
on KQxxx board after flop and turn went check-check. Seems competent
and I haven't seen him do anything stupid. Winning image. Have not seen
him bluff.

I open 9c9s from MP1 to $50, V calls in CO, loose-passive calls in SB.

Flop: 8h7d6c Pot ~ $160 SB checks, I bet $90, CO raises to $290, SB folds and it's on me.

I stoved a possible range for V.

Text results appended to pokerstove.txt

30,690 games 0.007 secs 4,384,285 games/sec

Board: 8h 7d 6c


equity win tie pots won pots tied

Hand 0: 35.138% 34.53% 00.61% 10597 187.00 { 9c9s }

Hand 1: 64.862% 64.25% 00.61% 19719 187.00 { QQ-TT, 88-66, 87s, 76s }

I know I'm at least calling but what would you do and why? What's the plan for future streets?

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