5/10 NLHE live folding near top of my range

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5/10 NLHE live folding near top of my range

9 handed 5/10 action at foxwoods ct
hero (utg) opens to 40 with 8c7c sitting on 2.5k (been playing v aggressive just got moved to table 10 min ago image is LAG)
2 callers in mp co calls and bb completes 5 way to flop
(210) flop 8d 8h 9s
I bet 125
first caller folds second calls middle aged asian man thinks for 15 secs and makes it 425 he has 2.5k to start the hand. I call. I think he could be overvalueing some hands I beat I think he could be raising to see where he's at but I think if i "click it back" and he jams i'm just always behind his range for getting it in. mp folds.
(1185) turn 6h I check. he bets 600 I call.
(2385) river 4s I check he jams 1400 I fold. I realize if I'm folding trips here I'm basically only calling him down with 99 A8 but is this allowed because he is just never ever bluffing here. As he raised the flop the first thing I thought of was this is such a great spot to bluffraise QT JT 77 etc but is an old asian doing that at live 5/10 ever if not I don't see how I'm ahead of his value range. Then again I did rasie from utg so how do I have an 8 and my line looks very passive. I'm lost here.

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