5/10 Trips no kicker vs. reg

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5/10 Trips no kicker vs. reg

V has replaced the soft spot at the table recently directly to my right. So far he has shown a 3b bluff out of the BB with A5s right after sitting, 3b in position and folded to my cold 4bet, and was telling a story to one of the other regs about 3b bluff squeezing a flop in a different 5/10 game, so my opinion so far is that he is capable of making some creative plays. I'm not a reg in this game though I have been semi-regular in the 2/5 at this casino.

Hero has been winning a decent bit, sittnig with $3100, V has about $2000 (max buy in here)

V opens to $30 from HJ, Hero calls in CO w/A4hh, BB calls. (Normally a hand that goes in my 3b bluffing range here, but I do like to mix it up sometimes especially when I see the button looks disinterested. I also felt given how the V has been playing thus far and our history I have very little fold equity preflop and will likely get played back at)

Flop (95) As 7d 2c
SB checks, V checks, Hero checks
Turn (95) Ad
SB checks, V checks, Hero bets $50, SB folds, V calls
River (195) Ks
V checks, Hero bets $150, V raises to $425

Thoughts on the line/sizings? Will give my thoughts afterwards.

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