5/10/20 nl live limped pot deep w/ 2pair turn/river decisions

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5/10/20 nl live limped pot deep w/ 2pair turn/river decisions

Live 5/10 game very straddly (50% of people were straddling I'd estimate), 10 handed. Late night, most people are over 300-400bb deep.

I am in the BB and the player to my left straddles. Villain 1 limps from EP, one other limp, villain 2 limps from HJ, I complete extra 10 from BB w/ A8o and straddle checks option. I am assuming completing here is the best play would rather not delve too deeply into other options here.

History with villain 1 is that we played a hand earlier where I raised his straddle over a few limpers with KQo, flop checks through and I check back on 1065hh turn Q, v2 checks, one of the limpers bets 200 I call v2 c/r to 650, limper calls and I fold. Non-heart blank river goes c/c and v2 wins with Q2o (so he is capable of playing value hands aggressively).

No real history w/ v2 other than that he knows who I am/probably views me as laggy.

V2 is a competent pro. Both v1 and v2 in the hand are over 6k+ deep so over 300bb.

Flop: J8dd2h. I donk 75. Obv. this is questionable but I will say in my defense this is towards the bottom of my non-semibluff ie value-oriented donking range. V1 calls V2 calls.

Turn: J8dd2hAh. This is where the hand gets quite complicated. What do people like here in general? V1 has the widest range in this spot I would imagine, v2 probably cannot have sets other than 88/22, and even AJ is not that likely given he would probably want to iso v1 a decent % of the time.

I lead 200. V1 flats, V2 650 total (slightly smaller size on the raise). What is best play here and why? If I decide to 3b the turn here, what are my intentions/what am I hoping to accomplish? The reasons I like 3b the turn here is because if I flat v1 will always flat here unless he is ultra light, so I will be playing the river 3-ways with no real idea of what cards are clean. I am probably still ahead of v2's range given there are so many semi-bluffs in his range, and I only lose to a very small subset of value hands.

Disadvantage of 3betting the turn is that I will wind up playing OOP on the river in a bloated pot against someone who will play extremely well and bluff with appropriate frequencies on various heart/diamond/straightening river cards. I will be put in a terrible spot on many rivers. Additionally, if I flat and v1 flats (which is def. the most likely scenario if I flat), then v2 might play the rivers more straightforward b/c he might be worried about having to deal with two people's hands instead of one.

Thoughts on turn/river play, and best course of action for both? I would also love to see a range breakdown if anyone cares to do it of v2, and what my course of action against that range should be on the river.

Thanks a lot in advance for the responses.

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