87c on Qc4d5d board - $3/$5

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87c on Qc4d5d board - $3/$5

$3/$5 game. Main villain UTG+1 plays a tag style, but over cbets even multiway. Villain two in the CO was the player I was targeting in this hand playing over 80% of his hands. Effective stacks hero $435 in this hand. Usually I top off constantly, but for mindset reasons I was stacking my chips where I don't know if I am up or down and figured I was around $500 at the time.

UTG+1 opens $25, CO calls $25, hero SB 8c7c calls.
Flop ($80) Qc4d5d
hero ($410) checks, EP ($700) bets $35, co folds, hero calls.

Hero's thoughts
*His bet size is a little on the small size here and I find this is a spot I could check raise as he would likely to bet $40-$60 with with his made hands. I was ranging him at this time on some draw or middle pocket pair. Preflop if CO had folded I would just fold here oop vs a 5bb open, but was trying to play more hands against the fun player.

Turn ($150) Qc4d5d2c
Hero ($375) checks, UTG+1 bets $70, Hero raises to $220 with $155 behind.

Hero's thoughts
Villain calls and we go to the river. When he just calls my turn raise it looks like diamond draw, KQ or AQ here. Due to his flop sizing I am leaning more towards a draw, so need a non diamond river, make my hand or have some sdv i.e 8 or 7, or a brick.

River ($590) Qc 4d 5d 2c 2s
Hero all in $155, UTg+1 ?

Hero's thoughts
I figured my range here for making this play is
44 (3), 55 (3), AQd (1), 76cd (2), 87cd (2) A3cd (2). I guess I could throw in some A4c, A5c as well, but they have some SDV.

What other value / bluffs would you include in this line? On the turn I need 50% folds with $220 in the pot and I'm check raising to $220.

How's my line and sizing? Criticism welcomed.

Thanks RI2

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