88 in CO vs HJ open vs BB squeeze

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88 in CO vs HJ open vs BB squeeze

Doing some training with snowie and vs a HJ open snowie uses the following range from the CO
call 54s-65s, 99-JJ, AQ,
3bet A5s-A2s, A10s-AKs, AKo, KQs-KJs, QQ-AA

However, in this spot I chose to flat call 88, which it said I need at least 99 to call and 88 is some times a bluff raise.
Question #1 why is a hand like 65s a call and a hand like 88 a fold?

The BB squeezed
HJ $11, Hero co $11, BB $46.5, HJ folds, now snowie is saying against the squeeze I should call with 54s-65s. 99-JJ, it doesn't show it, but says 55 is also a call.

I know snowie is trying to polarize it's range and avoid hands that are dominated vs callers range.

How good is snowie for live poker?

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