97s in a squeeze pot - Live $3/$5

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97s in a squeeze pot - Live $3/$5

BTN - Tight aggro player 3 bet range AQs+ & TT+ where TT and AQ are a mix for his 3 bets.

HJ - loose passive with high vpip. Won a huge pot for like 500bb, then went on winners tilt and basically is calling raises with any 2 cards including hands like K6o.

MP1- Loose passive rec with a wide range probably plays vpip 50 / 5 pfr style. Postflop she can make some really light call downs against people that are out of line, seems to be pretty good hand reader, but rarely bluffs, hence the passive side.

MP2- hero tag style image with some mixing being more on the loose side like a 22/15 style (I need to record my stats one of these days). Any advice on how to record live stats is much appreciated!

$3/$5 game - 9 handed.
UTG folds
UTG1 folds
mp1 ($595) limps in for $5 (main villain)
Hero ($1,000) MP2 9c7c raises to $15
HJ ($1,100) calls $15
co folds
BTN ($700) 3bet to $75
MP1 cold calls $70 more
Hero calls $60 more
HJ calls $60 more.

Four ways to the flop
Flop ($308) 9d-7h-5d
Checks around.

*Plan was to check raise vs btn tight range. He is not one to balance his checking ranges on these boards multi-way. If he has TT+ here he is betting 99.9999% of the time.

Turn ($308) 9d-7h-5d-5h
Mp1 bets $200
Hero calls
HJ calls
BTN folds.

*I block sets as I think she can have most pairs in her range 22-TT here. So I am losing to 3 combos of sets, 6 combos of TT, and beating 6 combos of of 88 and 66, which I cut in half since she is on the passive side, might even be less combos. Also some possible J10s-AQs type hands of diamonds or hearts that she may bluff with, so throw in another 5 combos or so for those hands.

River ($908) 9d-7h-5d-5h-5s
MP1 all in $315
Hero ??

Getting 4:1 here and it's less likely she is barreling the J10s-AQs hands with missed flush draws after getting called in two spots. Just a really weird spot here as I expect TT+ to raise preflop majority of the time, so those pairs are discounted, but not impossible. I still think she can barrel a hand like 88 here, but lets say only 2 combos of that. Her timing was pretty fast, so leaning towards the strong side, but can we fold getting 4:1? Also HJ can have anything here including some hands like J10o for overs + missed gutter, very wide range, so less worried about him behind me.

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