99 facing a turn XR on 7437ss

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99 facing a turn XR on 7437ss

UTG+1 ($300) limps $5
mp1 folds
Hero ($covers) 9h9d iso $25
UTG+1 calls Heads up.
Flop ($54) 7h4s3s
UTG1 checks
Hero $30
UTG1 calls.
Turn ($114) 7h-4s-3s-7d
UTG1 check
Hero $60
UTG1 all in $245.
Hero ?

Villain is a loose splashy player. Earlier 3 bet all in on the flop with Q8o facing a check raise on 822 vs the bb. BB has 42 and called off she spiked 8 on the river to win. She can get her money in very light. I've seen her stack off with 2nd pair a few times or just overs and a gut shot as well. She knows i'm a semi tight player, so in my mind she can put me on an over pair here, but idk if she would turn 4x or flush draw into a bluff here ever. I do unblock spades and block some 97s hands. For what it's worth she has a bunch of off suite hands like 87o 76o A7o etc all in her range as well.

Q1) Should I be betting this turn, if so do I call off? If I do not call off, what hands do I call off with if any? I think over pairs without a spade are best to call off with here. I do not really have any 7x in my range here unless its 77 or A7s.

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