99 on 347r - Do you raise this flop three ways?

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99 on 347r - Do you raise this flop three ways?

Main villain in MP1 is solid reg, maybe pro, his strategy seems to be very ABC. He plays a tight range, makes some auto profit cbets as aggressor. Doesn't really get out of line, just a patient player for the most part.

My main question is: Is raising 99 on this flop a thing? I am raising for value / protection, but also trying to find some hands to balance my raising range for my sets, say half combos of 65s as I don't always call this. I have 11 combos of sets / straight here, so I would assume I need to find some hands to bluff raise with as well.

I am thinking 55 and 66 are both pretty good bluff candidates to block the straights with as well as 76s. I am not sure I am even supposed to have a raising range on this board though. I don't think Mp1 barrels turn unless he has over pair or hits a top pair on the turn. His 6bb sizing is standard for him over 1-2 limpers. I know his range is pretty snug from MP1. I do think he will cbet AJ+ on this board though. Doesn't really have any tells based on his sizing, at least not preflop / flop.

UTG $5
Mp1 $30
Hero LJ 9c9h calls
Co calls.
Limpers and blinds all fold.
three ways.

Flop ($100) 347r
MP1 ($500) cbet $50
Hero ($covers) LJ 99 raises to $120
CO ($600)

Please share your advice with how you play your range on this texture vs half pot cbet 3 way.

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