A2s 3b pot bluff

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A2s 3b pot bluff

26/22 3b bb vs btn 10, 3b vs hero 15 (59) - he used to 3b me many times, id say after last 20 hands it would be ~40% (I steal 60%, fold 65%)
call open BB vs btn 33%
cb 3b pot oop 60(10), turn cb oop single raised pot 55
xf 54
afq 42/42/31
wtsd 23/wwsf 51/w$sd 53

  1. My calling range is:

Do you think its ok? Yellow cards I sometimes 4b, sometimes call.

What do you think about stealing pot? I dont know why I betted twice, maybe because his wtsd is really low (after this hand I think it's low because he's aggro, and everyone is folding).

Now I see 2 options:
1. XB flop and fold turn if he bets - im sure he would bet. I think this option might be best, looking at my hand..
2. Bet once, but Im not sure what type of hands Im going to fold there.

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