A3cc PFR HI.CO fish cold call and SB unknown 3bet to 19bb

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A3cc PFR HI.CO fish cold call and SB unknown 3bet to 19bb

I open up A3cc in HI 2.25x. little bit over 100bb deep 222sek i had in my stack..CO fish calls.BTN folds and SB unknown 3bets. I decide to defend A3cc here.I got all the Axs combos for defending vs a SB and BB 3bet. I all and CO fish folds.HU pot.

Flop: 658r. I got over card and a backdoor flushdraw. And this board hits my range better than my opponents.So on a board like this.I got the range advantage.
Villain bets 18.25sek into a 43.30sek pot.I got 209sek behind. And i decide to go for a flop Raise 2.5x. I can have all the sets,9Ts,87s,A8s,A4s,65s.,TT,JJ. Ofc.Villain has some hands in his range that also hits this board like 9Ts.

Villain calls the 2.5x raise. Turn:7c i get a backdoor flushdraw,and the pot is 132.08sek and i got 163.69sek behind. Villain checks and i bet 1/3.Could go smaller here. I think a jam dosen't' accomplish much here.His AA,KK,QQ,JJ,TT will not have a good time here vs that bet either way.

My question here is..Did i play the hand fine? Would you change anything in the hand?

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