A5s on Ah5x8h9h three ways facing a turn raise.

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A5s on Ah5x8h9h three ways facing a turn raise.

Main villain in the hand is a deep stack ($5/$10) player. He is really aggro opening around 30% of hands from MP and close to 50% from CO/BTN. I've seen him show up with 98o in the HJ with an iso raise over 2 limpers and J2s in the CO over 1 limper as well. Pretty laggy with his openings.

BB V2 is a sticky recreational player with a pretty wide 40% range from all positions.

HJ opens $25, Hero calls SB As5s, BB calls.

Flop ($75) Ah-5c-8h
check x3

Turn ($75) Ah-5c-8h-9h
Hero As5s leads $45
BB ($216) calls $45
HJ ($2k) raises to $220
Hero ($620) calls $220
BB is all in $216

River ($735) Ah-5c-8h-9h-7h
Check x 2

On the turn I think it's really close between calling and folding. We still had about $400 behind effective on the river. HJ will show up with quite a few flushes here, but I also think he will slow play some of them or raise to a smaller size around $160. His bigger sizing led me to think he had something like 76s for a straight, over playing 98, or possibly bluffing with something like AxTh, AxJh, KhQx, etc type hand.

What is my best course of action given the range I assigned? I am not sure if I should ever shove in this spot? Seems a little spewy, but realistically I am calling and hoping the river goes XX.

Spoiler: (Didn't expect this hand from HJ).
HJ Ac3c / BB JdTh.

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