A7s, A6s, & A2s profitable from LJ\HJ @ micro stakes?

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A7s, A6s, & A2s profitable from LJ\HJ @ micro stakes?

All the videos, snowie, articles, etc has A2s+ from LJ. Video by Tyler yesterday mentioned A2s from LJ is profitable on some tables and -EV on other tables. Im playing on a poker app so dont have any data to know which hands are showing profit per position. I feel A7s,A6s, & A2s are folds from LJ\HJ, but at the same time feels too nitty folding them.

My table dynamics will have about 2 people 50bb or less, most or all are very recreational. Maybe the lack of fold equity is decreasing the profitability of these hands?

Was thinking of [A8s+, A5s-A3s] for Axs range for LJ\HJ.


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