AA 4bet pot

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AA 4bet pot

Blinds 6$0.50/$1
UTG Player5 $67.66
UTG+1 Player6 $108.08
CO Hero $105.23
D Player2 $100
SB Player3 $100
BB Player4 $105.63

Hero is CO $1.50 6
2 folds, Hero (CO) raises $2.5 , Player2 (D) raises $7.5 , 2 folds, hero raises to $20, Player2 (D) calls


$40.50 2

Hero ???

vs reg no reads

what can I do?, the worst possible flop I think,
when I look at his calling range, so many hands beats me KQs, JTs, T9s, 99-JJ,
In game a decided for bet all in on flop, but that mean he calls me mostly with better hands, I beat just AJs, QJs,

There any opinions what to do? Nothing seems good :)

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