Accepting i'm bad - Positional win rates

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Accepting i'm bad - Positional win rates

Hi there, been losing at -1.7bb/100 AI over the lat 90,000 hands at NL5 and NL10 6max zoom on Pokerstars. I was adamant that i've been running badly but i've realised that I might just not be very good at the game. That's okay. I'm going through my database to see where my leaks are and am starting by looking at positional win rates. I've realised that there is not a huge difference between my MP, CO and BTN win rates and would like to know if this is a problem. Is my EP win rate too low or does that seem fairly standard? Also if you can give me any advice for other things I can look at that would be great, the problem is there is so much study material I do not which parts of my game I should prioritise. Thanks for any advice.

My win rates are as follows:
BTN - 23.32bb/100
CO - 17.79bb/100
MP - 19.31bb/100
EP - 1.11bb/100
BB - -48.12bb/100
SB - -23.52bb/100

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