AcQc vs tight passive ($3/$5 LIVE)

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AcQc vs tight passive ($3/$5 LIVE)

$3/$5 eight handed.
UTG+1 opens $20
Hero CO AcQc calls $20
Heads up

Flop ($44+$6) Qs-7c-5d
UTG1 ($700) cbet $20
Hero ($covers) raise to $50
UTG1 3bet to $150
Hero Folds

Preflop AQs is a mix of flatting and 3 betting, I would say I 3bet it only about 25% of the time, more so when it's a squeeze spot. This villain was playing imo vpip 17 / pfr 7 style hence my flat call preflop. I don't think villain raises KQo preflop, so in this hand I elected to fold on the flop being AQ is near bottom of my raising range for value. Typically I would just flat call vs cbet and proceed to call down vs aggression. Raising range would be something like 75s (1 combo) since I am only calling it some times if its MW preflop, 55 (3), 77 (3), AQs (3). I am not raising QJs, KQs, etc on the flop. I don't think I am over folding in this spot, since a flop 3 bet is usually pretty nutted.

Is raise folding a thing here for value / information? I think 3 betting range is basically AQ, KK, AA, & QQ. I dont see 55 or 77 in his preflop raising range.

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