Adjusting to a maniac/badaggro Live

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Adjusting to a maniac/badaggro Live

Live 1-3
Playing in my local Saturday night game, a bad aggro shows up around 3am, yay

Basically, the guy was on around 50-60bb pretty often and open raising to 8-10x preflop with 50-60% of hands(saw him raising J4s, T5s, 86o etc

My idea to adjust against someone going this ham and with such large sizings, is to prob just reraise him with a strong linear range of A9s+, ATo+, KQs, 77/88+, QJs, KJs, and then just jam the flop a ton. It's kinda hard to see flatting doing well here given the enormous sizing. However, I suppose a hand like ATo could actually make sense if we plan to just hero it off with A high post flop. As he gets deeper, I'd prob start to drop some of the more thresholdy part of my range I'd be using at a smaller SPR like A9s and ATo, and might consider to flat call some of this when on button/CO and just plan to hero call postflop/try and flop a pair. maybe I wouldn't flat ATo, but I think it wouldnt be too bad if someone if 10x raising a hand like T5s and we have stack depth. implied odds are probably pretty good and bluff catching/showing down is prob a good strat. Curious if anyone has some really good adjustments they make in this scenario

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