Adjusting to an extra blind game

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Adjusting to an extra blind game

My local room runs a 1-3-5 game now

With the extra $2 in middle, I am incentivized to open wider. With the extra player however, I’m incentivized to open tighter. Do my ranges end up being the same?

Say a hand like KJo or A2s which would be bottom of range from LJ. OR from the button something like K8o or A2o being bottom of range.

I’m guessing the extra dead money would push these bottom of range hands into close to 100% opens. However, I’m not confident because there is also the extra player to consider. Also, given this is a live game, our opens are still going to be around 4x, so there is some additional incentive to play tighter given we are risking more with our raise. However this may not be as important a detail as many live games are going to be a bit passive preflop compared to a online scenario.

Question 2
Given that in my games I am opening 4-5x+ preflop due to so much action and needing to raise bigger to get it heads up, would it be correct to open significantly tighter than I do in a game where I am 2.5-3xing preflop?

This is often something I wonder. I typically play similar ranges even for the bigger sizing because the skill gap is often so huge and people aren’t reraising pre often or playing back nearly enough postflop. I guess this answers my own question that we can continue to play similarish ranges even with the bigger sizing since people are making huge mistakes and we want to play pots against them with good hands

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