Adjusting to Tighter RFI Survey

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Adjusting to Tighter RFI Survey

So lets assume optimal UTG RFI is around 15% and your default game is based around that. Now some guy opens tighter than normal at 13%. How do you adjust your default range with the following types of hands?

  1. 0 ev mixed 3bet/fold hands (65s)
  2. barely +ev 3bet/fold hands (A3s)
  3. barely +ev calls (KJs on the button)
  4. mixed +ev 3bet/call hands (JJ)
  5. slightly better 3bet than calling hands (AQs).

I am definitely folding 1 as the bare minimum adjustment since I think these hands drop to -ev vs a tighter range. Then I guess that makes 2 your 0 ev hands now? For 3, I am probably folding.

I am not sure at all about 4 and 5. Guy's range isn't super super tight so he still has to fold some hands, so keeping high ev mixed 3bets and marginal 3bets seem fine. But I can totally see an argument for making them pure calls vs a tighter range and just only 3bet the nuts.

I'd like to know what you guys think. Maybe you don't need adjust and play default since the difference so marginal? Or maybe you adjust only vs sizing so if the tighter guy opens for a normal size, you don't need to adjust (size > range?). By that I mean if he opens 3x with that range he probably making a mistake and missing ev, but if he pots it then that is when you adjust your default range.

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