Adjusting vs Big Open Raises

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Adjusting vs Big Open Raises

A significant portion of the regs in my relatively small pool off NL 10-25 opens for 3x and some of them even 3,5x. I think they may do this exploitatively against the loose passive fish in the pool. They could also just be bad, many of them have some overall frequencies that are a bit off. Anyway they seem to be doing quite well results wise.

In theory, how should one adjust versus bigger open raises assuming their range isn't tighter? I assume they should open a tighter range if they want to open for a bigger sizing. However, they seem to play a normal range for a bigger OR sizing.

I obviously call tighter from the big blind getting a worse price and the rake is quite high at my limits.

How should my 3b range change? Should I go tighter as I have to invest more into the pot? Is it fine to just 3b the same range as I have been so far? Can I go even wider because they loose more when they fold and perhaps I have a bigger incentive to 3b?

I only cold call vs an OR as an exploit if there's fish behind and I don't want to squeeze them out of the pot. I do this with hands that has weak-medium strength such as; small-medium pairs, suited Ax, suited connectors and 1 gappers and some weakish double broadways.

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