Advice for playing deep stack?

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Advice for playing deep stack?

Somehow, after playing a lot i'm starting to realize that something is very wrong with the way I play deep stacked (200BB+). After a few hours of playing I very often double up, but after that point, I feel like my strategy that got me deep stacked in the first place is no longer relevant. Essentially, I feel like everyone starts folding every single hand to me and people will only play hands that are at the top of their range.

My angles to win are limited to stealing blinds. And whenever I play hands with a deep stack, my opponents always have better hands than me and seem to play a much tighter range.

So clearly, having a deep stack changes your table image, and changes the strategy people play against you which means whatever strategy that earned me my deep stack no longer works. Should I simply just tighten my preflop range even more? I have looked around on the internet and am simply unable to find a concrete guide to how game should change deep stacked.

Any advice would be mucho appreciated. Obviously variance plays a role in poker and swings are normal. But there must be something VERY specific that i'm doing to have almost every session look exactly like this. I don't feel like I change my overarching strategy when i'm deep stacked. I play the same hands and use the same preflop techniques.

So either I need to change my strategy preflop or post flop.

My Typical Session Graph:

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