Aggregated Reports:EV of calling 3bets IP [appreciate feedbacks from more experienced folks]

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Aggregated Reports:EV of calling 3bets IP [appreciate feedbacks from more experienced folks]

Hey guys.

I am trying to run a bunch of scenarios where BTN minraises and BB 3bets.
I want to see how different 3bet sizes and rake structures affect BTN's calling ranges and what are the thresholds.

In my first scenario: BTN minraises and BB 3bets to 11bbs.
BTN needs to call 9bb to see a flop.

In my sim 1bb= 100 chip.

When I ran the sim over 184 subsets- this is what the handEV were in the reports (for some of the hands)

Preflop Hands IP
Hand EV

JJ 1773.5386
AKs 1768.28155
TT 1313.86625
AQs 1227.04607
KQs 1104.29705
99 1058.01257
KJs 1001.47532
AQo 994.181706
AJs 991.1797
T8s 771.121889
A7s 769.167032
A8s 764.15229
J8s 759.291123
A6s 747.975671
ATo 720.756744

We need to call 9bbs pre (900 chips)- So every hand that has a higher eV than 900 I assume is a clear call
but the worst hand IP has here (eV wise) is ATo which has an eV of 720 chips.

Which means everytime we call the 3bet with ATo we lose 180 chips on average or 1.8bb/hand.
That to me seems like better than raise-folding ATo (because we lose 2bb/hand by raise folding)

Does this mean I need to raise-call ATo preflop - and even widen my calling range even versus this big 3bet-size?
(because the worst hand in my ranges is doing better as a R-C than a R-F)

Is this logic correct? Please share what u think of this.
Also how do we compare the EV of open-folding(0eV) vs that of raise calling (-1.8bb/hand in case of ATo)


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