Ah9h on Tx5h6h oop

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Ah9h on Tx5h6h oop

Main villain I viewed as loose aggro preflop with random stabs post flop, his turn and river play seem to be pretty honest. His preflop sizing would indicate a stronger holding.

$3/$5 nine handed
UTG+1 opens $30, 4 callers, I over call in SB Ah9h.

*Against this sizing (6bb) I would generally fold in this spot, but with 4 other callers, I thought it was ok to call in this spot. Thoughts?

Flop ($180) Ts-5h-6h
Hero ($900) Ah9h checks
UTG+1 ($420) cbets $150 (indicates A10+)
2 folds
Co ($1k) calls $150 (sticky rec player)
BTn folds
Hero raises to $400 with ($5xx) behind.

Here I don't expect UTG+1 to fold, as he has put in about $180 so far, with $270 behind. I thought my play was ok given I view the $150 from Co as semi dead money. He can show up with some sticky 88, 99, T9o-A10o hands here, but I know he views me as a tight player, so he is very capable of folding Tx here and will gamble with SDFd or NFD (which I block). He is not one to slow play 2 pair or set. Not sure how he would play TPFD in this spot, but thats small part of his range. Is it worth raising the flop with the dead money in the middle? What is the best play?

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