AKo facing a large squeeze $3/$5 live

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AKo facing a large squeeze $3/$5 live

Villain in the hand is unknown, but floor person asked if he still wanted to play deep stack ($3-$5-$10) with 2k buy-in. Seems semi tight, but not too tight as I seen him call 97s MP vs EP open, but that's the worse hand i've seen him show up with. Haven't seen him show any aggression, over very small 30 minute sample. Later in the session, villain 3bet once same size ($165) vs a $20 open, and squeezed one other time as well ($165), so his sizing isn't changing whether it's a squeeze or regular 3bet. I wonder if he is just betting 1/3 of his stack, so he can shove all flops?

Hero EP ($500) AdKc open $20, MP calls $20, Villain in HJ squeeze to $165. Hero ??

Is this just a clear fold until we know villain is capable of squeezing light? If villain makes it $100 here, do we just flat call?

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