Two Hands: Should I be going thinner(Hand 1), and a mult-way 3B Pot(Hand 2)

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Two Hands: Should I be going thinner(Hand 1), and a mult-way 3B Pot(Hand 2)

HAND(prob dont click thru past turn to not get skewed results in your thinking)

We have AK no diamond

The player involved is a fun player. Def a case to be made for 3B preflop, but given he is raising from EP, and two fun players in blinds, I just decide to flat call with the offsuit combo.

On flop, I think there is merit to a raise, but also merit to a flat. If we raise, we can def make SB fold alot of weak Ax that will overcall. But we also value bet some draws etc, flatting seems preferred I think 3-way

Turn, vs the half pot size, it's tempting to put in a raise, only concern is that we may make weaker Ax fold, and it's possible he reopens the action with a combo draw, opening up the possibilty of making a mistake(overfolding). We probably don't get a ton of 3 barrel bluffs, so letting combo draws realize equity without being charged is something to consider. His sizing might be an indicator that we should go for value too. Had he made it 3/4 for example, then our hand starts to look more like a bluff catcher(obv still ahead of much value combos, but probably not raising turn vs a fun player once that happens)

On river, think it's a value raise for sure, and just want to make it a size that he can get sticky with top pair. Maybe can go a touch bigger, but prob decent to make a size where he close to never folds AQ type stuff.

So I think in hindsight, prob should be raising turn, and then betting like 60% on rivers, just a sizing that he doesn't fold top pair. Obv prob isn't going to be balanced, but I think this is appropriate against a fun player. Also, maybe 3b pre, depends on his range width.

HAND TWO(again, prob don't look at results before giving it a think)

We have KQcc, and the PFR is someone who I perceive to possibly be a reg, SB is a fun player

Basically, I am really tempted to fight for this pot, but given it is 3-way, I am just a little bit lost on building my strategy. I feel like hands that would want to bet 3-way will be more equity driven, so FD's with overcards, Ax combos with back doors/immediate outs to a possibly pair heavy calling/jamming range. Maybe things like AT/AJ with Ah being really good combos to bluff with. Suppose JTcc is even better to bluff than KQcc, as we block the most common PP flat from the CO(TT/JJ). As far as flop sizing, I think 3-way equities will be running thinner, and a 1/3 sizing sets up a turn shove option, so maybe that is just the correct sizing, and then can reevaluate on turn.

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