Analyzing how well you do in specific spots (PT4)

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Analyzing how well you do in specific spots (PT4)

I wanted to look up how well I do in some specific spots, such as getting c-raised on paired flops. This started some further thinking.

It seemed to me that I should be able to see if I did better by playing those hands the way I did than if I had folded in all of those spots. Say for instance every time I got check-raised on the flop. Obv. some villains will adjust, but just to look at these spots in a vacuum for a start.

It seems rather simple to me. As the math should just be summing for each of the hands the difference between the selected spot and end of the hand - then compare that sum with 0, being what you would have gotten from folding (with the selected spot as a reference point and not the beginning of the hand)

However, this is not possible within PT4 according to their support.

So my question is: what would you do to look at how well you do in a specific spot?

If we just filter for those hands the graph will be sloping downwards, but there is no obvious baseline to compare it to.

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