Anyone else want to join our Weekly Free (ELO Rated) Cash Game League with RIO + /r/Poker members?

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Anyone else want to join our Weekly Free (ELO Rated) Cash Game League with RIO + /r/Poker members?

Since the Casinos have shutdown, I know a lot of US players are looking for play money sites to play private games with their friends on, so I thought I'd pass a long a Poker Melee league I started on /r/poker that is beginning to grow.

What's nice is that it's turn-based so you can play your hands whenever you have a free moment (not everyone has to be online at the same time) and there is a configurable action timeout to keep things moving and you play hands in rapid succession, so you could fold fold fold raise call fold raise and be onto the 8th hand. As you can imagine you can play tons of hands this way, and you only get a hand back when action is on you.

It also uses an ELO algorithm (similar to in Chess) that rates you VS every other player you play with.

The pool is configured for: 6-max, 100bb stacks, 2 day action timeout. Tables will automatically start when enough players join.

I've been trying to get more members into the games, they are very good for it being free, the highest ELO rated players are at least equivalent to NL25 players IMO.

If you are interested please follow the instructions below:

#1 Signup and then paste this link in to Join the weekly match:

#2 Click the JOIN POOL button here:

#3 Then you are all set and will receive an email when the match starts. Also please post your Poker Melee handle in this thread so we can keep a master list of who is who...

RIO Name | Poker Melee Handle

checky C4pAble
PrankCallRiver KidDynamite
Carter2tierd2taco carter2trd2tco

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