Looking for bankroll advice

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Looking for bankroll advice

Looking for some advice.

Currently grinding 1/2 and some 1/3 live semi consistently. Had a bankroll which i busted in the summer (small one mind you about 4k), and have been working on rebuilding slowly.

Ive won some money, and i am certainly profitable in these ultra weak 1/2 lineups.

I'm currently employing a 1 buyin strategy for my bankroll. Currently operating from approximately 1k roll(fluctuates with wins losses etc, i built this up from 140 dollar buyin, won, then won again, etc, and some injections) with injections from another source of income approximately every 2 weeks. My long term goal for my bankroll is 10k to comfortably grind 1/2 and 1/3 stakes. The reason im employing this strategy is to limit variance in my losses. Run bad, lose small. Run good, potentially win large is the basic thought process. However, when employing this strategy i've noticed that my sessions become increasingly high variance when forced to buy in short stacked, and then play short stacked if i start off the session losing a few small pots. This ends up resulting in taking high variance preflop lines when my stack becomes <50bb deep, which ends up resulting in my edge being minimized as my edge in these games comes from exploitating ultra weak opponents post flop.

Any recommendations on what to do?

Of course i've considered just waiting to build my roll up without poker. But it would take to long to do so, and i really enjoy the grind and the game.

I have read some stories of bankrolls starting and growing and they sort of originate from the same sequence im in. Take some shots with a few buyins, get lucky with one and run it up. Then employ consistent bankroll strategy of 35-50 buyins (or whatever you think for your situation is correct).

Would appreciate any advice from some more experience players.

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