AQ 3b pot bluff

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AQ 3b pot bluff

UTGHero $147.34
COPlayer6 $180.79
DPlayer1 $136.73
SBPlayer2 $158.96
BBPlayer4 $131.97

Hero is UTG $1.50
Hero raises to $3, 2 folds, Player2 (SB) raises to $10.50, 1 fold, Hero calls $7.50


$22 2
Player2 (SB) bets $10.45, Hero calls $10.45


JcQc9s Kh
Player2 (SB) checks, Hero bets $26.49, Player2 (SB) calls $26.49


JcQc9s Kh4h
Player2 (SB) checks, Hero bets $65,

it s against reg,
I have some show down value, but I thing I have a lot more T there, I thing bluff is fine. Question is if it is better all in, or 2/3 sizing.

What do you mean?
or it is too risky bluff there?

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