AQo 3bet pot on monotone board.

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AQo 3bet pot on monotone board.

$3/$5 9 handed.
LJ is competent pro, has pretty snug range. In this spot I was just going to fold AQo to his 3 bet, but then I got cold called and figured I had to continue given the pot odds.

BB semi tilted as he tried to make a move 1 hand before where he straddled $10, BB opened to $75 with out any limpers with AJo and he jammed $275 all in and lost to AJ. He said he had Ten high.. guessing T8s or T9s type hand. He is usually loose passive preflop, and pretty straight forward post flop. He is capable of bluffing, but at a lower frequency. Sizing usually indicates strength of his hand, but definitely capable of mixing it up.

Hero ($1k) AdQc UTG+1 open $20
LJ ($500) 3bet to $60
BB ($650) cold calls $60
Hero calls $40 more.

Flop ($180) Qs-6s-4s
checks through.
Turn ($180) Qs-6s-4s-2h
BB bets $80, Hero calls, LJ folds.
River ($340) Qs-6s-4s-2h-Jd
BB $275, with about $250 behind.
Hero AdQc ??

I figured I am too high up in my range to really fold here. If I am folding this, am I only calling flushes and sets? I won't have 22 or 44 in my range here, just 66 mostly. QQ i'll likely 4 bet given BB is viewed as tilted right now with the extra dead money. I could potentially make it like $175 preflop with QQ. So I have some nut flushes here A10s+, J10s+ KJs+ etc. then 66 for my strongest range. Then I'll have QJs, KQs, and AQ for weaker part of my range. Also AsKx I am not sure i'll 4 bet this hand at a high frequency.

Preflop I view BB cold call range, similar to HJ range below.

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