Are these statement about GTO and Exploitative Play correct?

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Are these statement about GTO and Exploitative Play correct?

I just wanted to check if I understand these concepts 100% accurately.

-The statements include two players: Player X and Player Y.
-The statements will assume a game with 0 rake.
-The statements will assume an enourmous sample (no variance)

X plays 100% perfect GTO. It is absolutely impossible for any opponent or any strategy to get a higher winrate than breakeven against X, who can never lose money over a big enough sample. X is completely unbeatable, in all games, against all opponents. There is no counter strategy to gain positive EV against X. Your best chance is to also play perfect GTO which would net you breakeven results.

Y is exploitable and does not play perfect GTO. It doesn't matter which suboptimal strategy Y adopts, he will always lose to X, who can stick to his perfect gto strategy and print EV against Y who's exploitable. X could deviate from GTO to exploit Y which would always give him a higher winrate compared to the winrate of his perfect GTO strategy. As soon as X deviates from GTO to exploit Y, he in turn becomes exploitable and exposes himself to the risk of actually being a losing player against Y if Y adopts the correct counter strategy.

It is impossible for perfect GTO to be the highest EV strategy against an opponent who does not play perfect GTO. Exploiting the leaks will always gain more EV.

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