As9s NFD facing two all ins.

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As9s NFD facing two all ins.

BB villain in the hand is very loose passive preflop. He wont raise hands like AQ or AK. Basically just raises TT+ and only 3 bets QQ+, so pretty nutted range.

Hero ($covers) UTG+1 As9s open $20,
Mp2 ($340) calls $20
BB ($420) 3bet to $60.
hero calls $40 more. MP2 calls $40 more.

Both players are fun players without much of a fold button preflop. However, as stated above I am looking at 3-5% range for BB hand.

Flop ($180) 2h5s6s
BB checks - I still thinks he can check over pairs here on this flop, looking to check raise vs someone who is stabbing.
Hero checks for the reason above. I don't think BB has AK in his 3 bet range.
MP2 shoves all in $280.
BB calls $280 with $80 behind.
hero calls.
Turn ($1,020) 2h5s6sTh
BB all in $80. Hero calls.

On the flop getting a price of $280 to win $740 with about $80 behind, so good price for my flush draw. i think postflop the hand plays itself, just a question of if I should be folding preflop knowing MP2 is coming a long 99% of the time. $40 to win $140 + implieds.

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