Attacking capped ranges

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Attacking capped ranges

Playing in my local live game yesterday and this scenario came up

This lady who I have seen min raise KTo UTG, and is also using other raise sizes like $8, $13 etc. I assume this means her min raise makes her incredibly capped. She also is very bad at poker, where she will pay off too light, not get value from her hands well, limp call way too wide, etc etc

So, when this lady min opens, how crazy would it be to attack her opens from the CO w a hand like Q6s?

I think we need to use a very large sizing, because we are trying to accomplish a fold, as we don't really want to take a hand like Q6s to the flop a ton. I'm just not sure if attacking from the CO is overdoing it.

I think the button makes sense because we at the very least have absolute position, however, if we make it like $32, I think the players behind probably will fold everything but the top 7-10% of hands(assuming we have all recreational players behind)

I suppose doing it from the button is likely going to be okay in a live setting, especially if the blinds are straight forward players, because they will not cold 4 bluff us ever, and the most likely thing they will do is maybe call a bit too light with things like QJs, KQo, AJo region of hands, but maybe still fold a good amount of this stuff too. So what this leaves is alot of folding from the "guessing" capped min raising range.

It makes me wonder however, if we can do this from the button with 2 players to act, why not do it from the SB? I suppose maybe we could if we had solid information that it is truly a capped range. Maybe it's wise to have more solid evidence before taking that next step however, because maybe when she has position she will call more. I think another good spot to attack would be from the BB, because it is truly heads up and nothing out of the ordinary can happen, like a player waking up with a good hand behind. I suppose we should still exercise some caution and maybe not get too out of line from seeing one hand shown down. But it definitely got me thinking. It's something I think must be good, but something I do not take advantage of as much because I haven't thought on it too much, and it can add some uncertainty to a situation that ABC prints in.

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