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Avoidable coolers?

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Avoidable coolers?

Hi all,
I play the equivalent of 10NL. I have two hands in this post. One is a weak top pair vs set scenario, and one is a QQ vs AA all-in preflop. I was wondering if I could have gotten away from my hands here.

Hand 1:
Edit: My apologies: I totally misremembered the hand history. I am actually in the SB, villain is in the CO and BB called preflop, so the flop is 3-way. Fixed hand history.

CO is a good, somewhat LAG reg. I am in the SB with AcTc. BB is a loose/passive/weak player. I have 100 BB, BB has 43 BB, CO has 270 BB.

CO opens to 3.5x (his standard raise size), I call in SB with AcTc, BB calls as well. Flop comes Ah 7s 5c. CO bets half pot, I call BB folds. Turn is Qs. CO bets 3/4 pot, I call. River is Ts, so I get two pair and backdoor spade draw gets there. CO bets 3/4 pot again, I call. He shows up with 77.

Is it too nitty to fold on the turn here? I only have a weak top pair, and I don't think many villains at micros bet 3/4 pot without a pretty strong hand (though he could have picked up a flush draw -- which gets there on the river). And should I have called a 3/4 pot bet on the river? I do beat AK, A5 and A7 here, so I think I had to call?

Hand 2:
HJ is a good, TAG reg.

I have QQ on the BU. Stack sizes are 130 BB effective.

HJ opens to 2.7BB, CO calls, I squeeze to 11-ish BB. HJ 4-bets to 50BB, CO folds, I shove, HJ calls, shows up with Aces.

I think my shove was definitely a mistake. Facing a 5x 4-bet, is it too nitty to just fold QQ? Or should I call the 4-bet preflop? In the latter case, should the flop comes all undercards, I was probably going broke anyway.

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