Avoiding 4Bet-pots

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Avoiding 4Bet-pots

Hey guys,

been watching a lot of Henry Listers Videos these days and wanted to gather some opinions about a specific standard spot for maybe trying out a new approach about it. Relying on following line at NL50

UTG (unknown) opens 3x
Hero plays QQ in MP and 3bets 3x

UTG jams for 100BB

Hero calls and looks up into KK.

I was wandering about his line here and remembered about Henry who said that its worth to avoid 4BP oop in general. Maybe i could learn from this and simplyfy my own UTG-strategy playing strong hands in UTG much easier:

What about 2 follwing 4-bet-ranges for UTG (and MP vs oop as well i guess):

4B standard 2.3-2.5x with A5s/AA

4B jam with AK(semibluff)/KK (value)

flat/fold everything else

Is there any sense for this line? I would hate to make ppl fold their TT-QQ, but given high rake and 20% equity its not the end of the world maybe. I often struggle to play esp. AK appropriate in this spot and this approach might help me a lot. But im quite unsure if this is in general a good idea.

Interested in any thoughts about this plan.


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