Bad call off?

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Bad call off?

1-3 game live (500 max buy in) 8 handed

UTG limps, UTG+1 limps
Hero LJ makes it 20 (4x-6x norm in this game) (600 effective)
Button flats
Villain SB min raises to 40 (2nd orbit but from bet size can tell super fishy) (around 400 effective)
Folds around Hero calls.
Buttons calls.

Flop 623hhh.
Villain makes it 35.
Hero flats.
Button folds.

Turn is 9s.
Villain bets 100 (240 remaining)
Hero calls

River is 9c
Villain shoves 240
Hero tank calls.

Villain had Ahqs

*I did make the right call but I don't know if it is the correct call. I was going purely based on feel and him seeming fishy. Should i have folded turn or river? His minraise on sb seemed pretty weak in my opinion. I feel he would raise bigger with QQ+.

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