Bad spot to bluff, or just unlucky?

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Bad spot to bluff, or just unlucky?

I'm trying to incorporate some more bluffs into my game, but still working on finding the best spots. In the past I would pick a random spot, but now I"m trying to consider blockers much more. Mainly playing NL5/10. I would love any thought's on how I approached this spot:

NL10 6max.Zoom
Villain MP ($14.53) - I have no reads
Hero BU ($11.17) Ac9c

UTG Folds
Villain raises to $0.30
CO Folds
Hero calls.
SB folds
BB folds

Pot: $0.75

7s Jh 10s

Villain Bets $0.52
Hero Calls:
I was thinking here that continuing is fine, as I've got the gutshot, plus an overcard, and backdoor nut straight, and I was already thinking about turning the hand into a bluff as I block 8/9 and don't block the flush draw.

I'm assuming Villains range is mainly Top pair, two pair, overpairs, Ax/Kx Spades, AK plus he has all the sets, although I think it's plausible that I still have all the sets in my range (although JJ maybe a push). I can't discount junk also given some of the population, although his c-bet is a little on the large side to have air.

Pot $1.79

Turn: 3c

Villain bets: $1.25
Hero Raises: $3.12
Villain calls
I figure the 3 is basically a brick. Villains bet sizing makes me think he's polarised so his range hasn't changed much in my mind from above. I was hoping for a fold here so when he calls I figure he most likely has a set, TP, Two pair or the flush draw. I was also thinking the raise sets me up for a River jam.

Pot $8.03

River: Qh
Villain: Checks
Hero: Bets $7.23 and is all in
Villain tanks, then calls with Jd Qs.

Villain wins with two pair.

So I figure the cards I didn't want on the River were a K or Q or a Spade, so when the Q lands I'm slightly unsure what to do. I figure I do block AK, although I did have that in Vs range on the flop, and still block the 8/9. He could be checking to induce the bluff given that I raised on the turn, but could also be giving up on a busted flush draw. If I check behind there's no way I'm winning, so I jam... and lose.

Any input on my approach/thinking would be great, and/or if I should have done anything different on any street... or if I'm just unlucky to run into two pair on the River.


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