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balance making me to passive? (6max cash game)

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balance making me to passive? (6max cash game)

I am trying a balance strategy where i never checkraise flops or donk.
And almost never checkraise turn as well depending on the stacks.
I finding it more easy and balanced and more easy to read the opponents ranges and finding my ranges what i could have.
It also alouds me to call with weaker hands postflop and i can rep many hands on the river.

So my aggression comes from the river where i eather donk river or check raise depending on if i got like bottom set i like to donk when draws are missed. And checkraise river if i got a more nutted hand like top sets etc.
So my bluffs on the river is usually donk bets from missed draws or checkraise but not too much, depending on the situation and blockers. i usually taking down pots when my opponent is checking turn so i bet river my self.

Does this make me too passive? is it better to be a more aggressive on flop or turn? I feel that i run really bad but my EV is on the winning side over 100 000 hands.

My c-bets is on the lower side but not lower than 57%

I played LAG style before but find it hard to work, because people is more balanced now days. Is there many LAGs who making money on mid/highstakes on 6max nowdays?

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