Best bluffs on turn?

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Best bluffs on turn?

Live 1-2

Hero raise KTcc MP to $10
SB calls and is an action player with around $200, defending things like 73s in sb to a $10 raise.

Flop JcJs9c
He checks
Hero c-bet $10

Turn 7o
SB checks

Basically, I'm thinking that even with a ton of equity, against a actiony player(most that have a calling range here), he can def still have alot of Jx in flop calling range, and alot of his draws improve to a straight or a pair plus draw. I don't think we have a ton of fold equity on the turn, and also that we probably want to be selective with the hands we choose to bluff with, and also, that getting raised with a hand that has this much equity is not exactly ideal, because its very reasonable that he can have some boats and us drawing dead.

For these reasons, I'm inclined to think that a hand like QTs(no FD), or KTs(no FD), might be better candidates for a turn barrel before KTcc. It's relevant that QTs has less showdown as well, so thats an additional benefit to barreling the turn with it (KQo likely folds to a turn bet).

Am I on the right track here?

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