Bet sizing with AK on QT4 two tone. online vs live @HenryLister

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Bet sizing with AK on QT4 two tone. online vs live @HenryLister

In the above snap shot (31:45 of video link) Henry Lister talks about triple barreling on brick turns to put pressure on Qx, Tx type hands. Couple of questions.
1) What sizing would you use if the turn is Qd-Th-4d-7s? Is over bet better? 75% sizing better?
2) What do you think of the flop sizing? I think on these textures its better to have a larger sizing with two Broadways and one low card right?
3) When planning to barrel Ak, is it always better to unblock diamonds and hearts? I was thinking if you hold a diamond you can potentially bluff if diamonds were to come. Can someone explain this unblocking / blocking and which is best?

Last question based on extrapolating the hand into my live game being $3/$5 game with 100bb ($500) average stacks.
HJ ($500) opens $20
Hero BB ($500) AcKc 3bets to $80 (4x being standard) (Do you size down based on stack size?)
HJ calls.
Flop ($160) Qd-Th-4d
Hero ($420) cbet $55 (Do you think 1/3 cbets are good for live games?)
HJ calls.
Turn ($270) Qd-Th-4d-7s
Hero ($365) bet size ???
HJ ($365)

In the video Henry talked about triple barreling AK, but I find stacks to be rather awkward in a live setting making me question preflop and flop sizings. Is it best to just jam turn in this spot? What hands are you jamming? If you jam all AK (16), then TT (3), QQ (3), KK (6), & AA (6) it gets pretty close to a 1:1 ratio for bluffs / value. Then expand range of course with AQ and AdJd type hands.

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