Bet what kind of marginal made hand?

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Bet what kind of marginal made hand?

I'm trying to build a default strategy for my flop betting decisions, and would like to hear your opinions.
Between 3 marginal made hand (decent equity vs villain's entire range) on the flop:
1. Hand type A with low chance of improving
2. Hand type B with backdoor equity
3. Hand type C with immediate draw

Which hand is a better candidate to bet?
Reasons to bet these hands: For value (vs weaker hands/draws) and for protection vs villain's folding range (over cards...)
Reasons not to bet hand A: Although we have decent equity vs villain's entire range, we have bad equity retention vs villain's calling range. On a bigger pot on the turn, we would have to check fold many turn cards OOP, or check back IP then fold to a river bet often.
Reasons not to bet hand B: We are less vulnerable vs various turn cards so we can afford to give a free card more often.
Reasons not to bet hand C: We are also less afraid of seeing a turn card

1) We raise from SB and BB defends. Flop: Qc7s5d. Hand type A: Jh7h, Hand type B: 7c6c (backdoor straight and backdoor flush outs so we can continue on any clubs including over cards, any 7, 6, 4, 8)
2) We raise from CO and BTN calls. Flop: 976r. Hand type A: A7o, Hand type C: 87s (immediate outs for an OESD)

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