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bluff catching river

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bluff catching river

Hello guys, i'm playing, my plan at river was calling any bet but not shoving bet:), i'm note sure about it, i'm wondering also if i can do better on flop and turn, maybe bigger size, let me know what you think, thank yu so much.

P:S. there is abetter way to post poker hands?

GAME #6015479155 Version: Uncalled:Y Texas Hold'em NL €0.10/€0.25 2024-05-02 17:12:13/GMT
Table Size 6
Table Brister
Seat 1: PaccianiJugend (€33.92 in chips) DEALER
Seat 3: fishlover (€27.17 in chips)
Seat 5: Velenoso83 (€28.42 in chips)
Seat 6: skillo35 (€29.01 in chips)
Seat 10: BobRo (€4.86 in chips)
fishlover: Post SB €0.10
Velenoso83: Post BB €0.25
Dealt to skillo35 [SQ SK]
skillo35: Raise (NF) €0.57
BobRo: Call €0.57
PaccianiJugend: Call €0.57
fishlover: Fold
Velenoso83: Call €0.32
Velenoso83: Check
skillo35: Bet €1.25
BobRo: Fold
PaccianiJugend: Call €1.25
Velenoso83: Fold
skillo35: Bet €3.50
PaccianiJugend: Call €3.50
skillo35: Check
PaccianiJugend: Bet €28.60
skillo35: Fold
Total pot €11.09 Rake €0.79
PaccianiJugend: wins €11.09

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